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When our universities invest in fossil fuels, nobody wins.

Looking for the Harvard-Yale alumni action toolkit? Click here!

We are students around the country calling on our universities to cut ties from the fossil fuel industry. We are escalating the urgency of our actions because our institutions that still remain tied to fossil fuels are failing us — and it’s time to claim power.

On November 23, 500 students and alumni disrupted the annual Harvard-Yale football match, risking arrest to demand that their universities divest from the fossil fuel industry and cancel their holdings in Puerto Rican debt. This was not the first time students were arrested fighting for divestment, and it won’t be the last. It marks a moment in a much larger fight for fossil fuel divestment that has been growing for nearly a decade. To date, over $12 trillion worth of funds have divested holdings in the industry.

On December 6th, students from colleges and universities across the United States stood together to send a message that when our institutions invest in the fossil fuel industry, Nobody Wins. Momentum is building within the university divestment movement, and our schools are being forced to listen

We are cultivating leaders who realize that to change the status quo, people must claim power and stand up for our interests. While our schools claim to be preparing us for the future, they fund and profit from activities that are destroying it. To reach full-scale decarbonization, this must stop.

Our universities will only act if we do. Together, we can revoke the social license of the fossil fuel industry and set the stage for a just and livable future.

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